Halloween Tree Costume Pt. II

Sophie and Izzie had a mini-photoshoot over the weekend. Izzie did a fantastic job modeling my costume. There were so many great (and overly adorable) shots that I had a hard time picking pictures to post. Isn't she the cutest tree you've ever seen?

All photos courtesy of Sophie Rah


Made By GC Business Cards

I finally did it.

After months (maybe years) of "all talk but no action", I finally decided to quit my job of six years and pursue a career in design/crafting. Unemployment terrifies me. Being type-A and a control freak, the thought of not having a clear plan stresses me out. But hey, it's been two and a half weeks so far, and I'm still alive and breathing. =) There is a huge list of things I need to do, and I have veeeerrrrry slooooowly been checking off items.

First order of business was to get myself some business cards. I went through MOO to design and print my cards. The coolest part of the process was being able to upload up to 50 of my own patterns to print on the backside. Of course, I went all out and ended up using 10 patterns (do some of them look familiar?) in 5 color schemes.

They finally came, and I couldn't be more pleased. What's more exciting is knowing that I finally have something to hand out when someone asks me if I have a business card!

It's now official: Made By GC is open for business! =)


Restaurant Halloween Decorations

I had the privilege of working with Ken - owner of Ace Wasabi's, a sushi restaurant in the Marina district in San Francisco. He needed help putting up Halloween decorations in preparation for the restaurant's Halloween Costume party this coming Saturday.

Photo courtesy of Jennifer H via Yelp

When I showed up, Ken already had several bags of decorations ready for me. I just about died when I opened one of the bags and found it full of large furry spiders. I am terrified of spiders! Thankfully I was able to (somewhat) look past these eight-legged critters and get the place Halloween-appropriate.

I apologize for how dark the photos came out. Most of the lights in the restuarant were off. On second thought... the darkness adds to the creepiness of the decorations. Success!


Halloween Tree Costume Pt. I

About a month ago, I received an email from Sophie asking if I'd be interested in making Izzie's Halloween costume. Of course I was! What did Izzie want to be? A tree!

After much thought, I settled on making a brown fleece poncho with a detachable hood and adorning it with handmade green felt leaves. I used some cute heart-shaped wooden buttons to hold the hood in place.

I opted to sew on the leaves instead of using glue.

I couldn't resist and used the leftover fabric to make a matching tote for trick-or-treating.

Here's a teaser photo. Looks like Sophie's measurements and my guesstimations weren't too far off.

Photo courtesy of Sophie Rah


Vinyl Lined Zippered Pouches

One of my cousins, Chi-Ting, recently moved to California from Taiwan and has become one of my biggest supporters in my quest for a design career. I saw her eyeing the stack of pouches I made for the rest of our family and thought I'd make some for her for her birthday.

I wanted to take them one step further and add something special/different. Recently, I was introduced to iron-on vinyl which can waterproof any smooth fabric. I used this vinyl to waterproof the insides of the two pouches I made for Chi-Ting, so she can wipe down the inside of the pouch if it gets dirty.

I took this pouch two steps further and squared the bottom of this pouch and used a waterproof zipper.