Vinyl Lined Zippered Pouch

I was finally able to try a different way of making a zippered pouch, and indeed, I got sharper corners and straighter edges. However, I didn't properly think through my plan of action and got stuck late in the game. Long story short, I ran into a lot of problems sewing the zipper on because I used a closed zipper instead of separating zipper. I ended up failing my first attempt and decided to start over.... at midnight!

I love this print.

Because I finished sewing so late into the night, I was a bit delirious by the time I had to iron out the finished pouch. Yeap - I burned myself.

Moral of the story: Don't stay up late to sew. It's not worth it.



My friend introduced me to Pinterest a few months back, but I kept putting off setting up my account. Why? Because knowing myself, I'd obsessively try to organize and reorganize all my boards and pins. I have a lot of bookmarks and links saved to products I like, things that inspire me, and places I like to shop, and I knew Pinterest would be a great place to put all of that information.

I finally rolled up my sleeves and got down to business, and around half of bookmarks are now pinned. There are still a lot of little things I want to do including renaming my boards, but I feel comfortable enough to publicly share my link.

Here it is:

I will add a link in my side column soon... once I figure out how to do it. ;)


Reversible Cell Phone Pouch

My friend Sophina asked if I'd be able to design a cell phone pouch to her specifications:

  • Reversible (black and gray colors) cell phone case
  • Can attach to the straps of different purses/bags
  • Use cool buttons
  • Include a small zippered pouch for easy access to car keys

Excitedly, I jumped at the chance to do it. Custom orders are always the most intriguing projects to take on because they feel like giant puzzles. I love the entire process of figuring out how to make something with my bag of tricks. I usually finish with a big sense of accomplishment (I solved the puzzle!) and with an expanded set of skills and knowledge.

For this project, I ended up with a case that can be wrapped and buttoned (as opposed to velcroed) around a strap. One side is black and the other gray. The zippered pouch section is what is actually wrapped around the strap. The small strap that holds the cell phone in the pouch is also black on one side and gray on the other. The cell phone pouch itself is lightly padded for extra protection.


Cal Themed Coffee Cup Sleeve

After Jess saw the coffee cup sleeve I made for Cynthia, she ordered one for herself - in Cal colors of course! I wasn't sure if the design would look as cute in brighter colors, but I think it worked out pretty well.

Go Bears!


Reversible Plaid Fringe Scarf

I enjoy browsing through the final sale/clearance rack at Jo-ann Fabric stores. It's always fun when you find a 'hidden gem' amongst the piles and piles of discounted fabric. Recently, I came across a loosely woven cotton that was plaid on one side and checked on the other. Of course I couldn't pass it up!

I used the fabric to make myself a fringed scarf. Every step of the process was quick and easy except for the fringe - yanking out threads is not as easy as it seems. I loved the finished product and have been happily wearing my new scarf ever since.