C&E Wedding Card Box

Cynthia and Elvin were in need of a box to hold all of their wedding cards. I needed to make sure: 1) the box fit their wedding theme, 2) for security purposes, the box was not easy to open.


C&E Wedding Rehearsal Bouquet

Cynthia's bridesmaids asked if I could help make her rehearsal bouquet. I didn't want to make it the traditional way with ribbons and bows tied together in a jumbled mess. This is what I came up with.


DIY Day Birthday Card

Kathy and I have been talking about having a DIY day for... hrm... let's just say a really long time. With her birthday coming up, I decided to settle the nonexistent DIY day problem once and for all. A little crafting, a little fooding - can't go wrong with that.


Halloween Bluetooth Headset Costume

A little less than a month ago, I moved in with Jessica, one of my college roommates. We wanted to throw a housewarming party to celebrate the 'reunion.' Since Halloween was just around the corner, we set the party on that date and asked that all guests observe the costume guidelines as stated in the Evite:

Given that the party will be on Halloween, we expect everyone to dress up. To help expedite the costume decision-making process, we've picked a theme of Nerdy/Geeky 'Chic'. 

Some costume tips (we plan to have a costume contest):
- Consider dressing as a either a nerd/geek OR as something a nerd/geek would like (ex. Laura Croft Tomb Raider)
- Explore the different types of nerd/geeks out there. Steve Urkel does not have to be your inspiration.
- Big Bang Theory, Star Wars, and Battlestar Galactica are good shows/movies for research purposes.

I juggled a few ideas around and settled on dressing up as an abacus (made out of PVC pipe). That idea was quickly shot down by.. pretty much everyone and their mother, so I resorted to plan B - a bluetooth headset.

Happy Halloween!


Adobe Lightroom Fleece Pillow

Jon C, my favorite San Diego friend, fell in love with these Adobe icon pillows by Craftsquatch. An engineer by day and photographer by night/weekend, he is always utilizing Adobe programs, especially Photoshop Lightroom. Unfortunately Craftsquatch does not make a Lightroom pillow.

More sewing machine practice for me! (My letters came out crooked =P)