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Baby Shower Inspiration Boards

During my time in New York, I got to flex my event design and planning skills for a baby shower. Sophie and her friends were planning a "non-baby shower" shower for their friend Jane. Jane didn't want presents or to be fussed over, so the shower became more of a co-ed dinner party with a guest of honor who happens to be pregnant. They even planned to have alcohol flowing - for the non-pregnant guests of course!

Sophie and a few other girls had the food portion covered, but they needed some help with decorations. This is when Sophie asked if I'd be interested in helping.

The ideas they had so far were:

  • Green mums
  • Photobooth
  • Guests are to write down some words of encouragement for the couple

This was my first time shopping for event in NYC, so I wasn't sure what stores to go to. With Sophie and Google's help, I ended up hitting up a few stores in the Flower District (including Jamali Floral & Garden Supplies), Paper Presentation, and A.I. Friedman. Because I flew back to California the day before, I wasn't able to help set up the decorations for the shower, and I actually have no idea what they ended up doing the day of.

I left Sophie with my inspiration boards and some supplies I was able to pick up for her.

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